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Name: Sajyou/Sajou, Ayaka
Age: 17
Family: Sajyou Manaka (Older Sister), Sajyou Hiroki (Father)
Master Rank: Seventh Degree - Princes
Magecraft: Black magic (witchcraft), Formalcraft
Mystic Code: An old staff, her ring
Magic Circuit Quality: C
Magic Circuit Quantity: C
Servant: Saber, and for a short period of time Lancer
Likes: Crows, pigeons
Dislikes: Death, hurting animals, anything to do with the Holy Grail War
Strengths: Tending to animals like pigeons, cooking basic foods, observation
Weaknesses: Cooking complicated dishes, pigeons, confrontations

Talent: Messing up instant ramen, Formalcraft, attracting unwanted people

Ayaka is a magus with a poor self-esteem and inferiority complex towards her deceased elderr sister, referring to herself as someone with a terrible personality with mediocre skill at best in magecraft. She is unable to bring herself to kill the doves meant as sacrifice for her daily black magic ritual, often instead using her own blood and causing the garden house to become a haven for the birds. She suffers severe mental and emotional trauma from her sister and father’s deaths in the former Holy Grail War, the very thought of being a participant in the next terrifies her to no end.

Upon being attacked by Lancer when the War began, and being rescued by none other than Saber–Ayaka still finds herself reluctant to participate, but at the very least makes preparations to protect herself. She is surprisingly resourceful, as well as quick-witted when cornered, and is capable of displaying acts of bravado when her glasses are shed. It is said that her personality changes drastically whenever they are removed or put on.

She is the type of person who keeps herself distanced from others in order to maintain their safety, as the life of a magus is hardly the safest. With the Holy Grail War in effect, this caused her to withdraw herself even further. Her social skills are not the best, due to having been kept at home for years by her father in an effort to have her grow up into a normal life unlike her elder, talented sister Manaka. As a result of certain traumatic experiences from the previous War, Ayaka's memories of her father and sibling's deaths are vague and fuzzy at best.


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Sajyou Ayaka

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